EduRescue Services

EduRescue Services for Educational Institutions

Please email [email protected] if you are interested. If your school is not ready for online learning, ask about our School Rescue Package.

Customized Course Development

We can develop customized self-paced online courses to train the teachers of your school. Checkout the profiles of our Master Course Creators on

Bulk Sales for EduRescue Certificate Courses

If you want to offer our certificate course to all your teachers, we have bulk discounts available.

School EdTech Response Team (SERT)

We have EdTech Services to help create or train the EdTech Unit in your school. This includes subscription and setup to various online learning platforms and services for education. We also train your EdTech on best practices such as IT security, network administration and troubleshooting.

Live Training with our New School Professionalism & Best Practices (NSPRO)

We can do live virtual training for your school admin, staff and teachers for digital productivity, collaboration and professionalism designed specially for schools.

EduRescue Virtual eNabler Team (EVNT)

If your school wants to do conduct live online events such as webinars, interactive webinars, workshops and conferences, our Virtual eNabler Team can make it happen. This is a turn-key online event management team, all you have to do is show up.

Consultancy and Coaching Services

If you want to get EduRescue or any of our instructors as consultants, please email [email protected]. We also offer one-on-one coaching services on various specializations.

Education Angel Investors

It is sad when schools close down because of lack of resources. If you are a school owner and you need help, we have international and local Angel Investors who may be interested to invest in your school. Email [email protected]

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