Welcome to EduRescue

Hello Teachers!

I am very humbled and grateful for your overwhelming reception of my first course, Launch your First Online Class with Google Classroom (or LYFOC for short). My heart is so full reading all your encouraging words and appreciative messages. 

Now we move on. As you know, The EduRescue School for Teachers is the Teacher Training Center of EduRescue. This school is designed to empower the Frontliners of Education - teachers, counselors, coaches and academic leaders, to become better educators.

For COVID19, the EduRescue School for Teachers will focus on courses for teachers conducting or starting online teaching because, for the new (normal) School Year, your school is most likely requiring you to teach online. This will eventually be the new normal in education.

We decided to make this course FREE to help our fellow teachers cope with this predicament. It is up to us educators to help each other because we have a social responsibility to preserve the education of our students whether offline or online.

Our goal is to shorten the learning curve of Philippine-based teachers who wish to start teaching online, and eventually be good at it.

We encourage you to invite all your fellow teachers to take this course or sign up for future courses.

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