About This Course

This course is designed for Philippine Teachers who wish to transition from offline to online teaching for the first time. Google Classroom is the most common platform used for online teaching and will be the platform used in this course.

The EduRescue approach to effective online teaching is what we call the Online Teaching Triangle. This requires the 3Gs of Online Teaching - Pedagogy, Technology and Strategy. All three are needed to become an effective online teacher. This course will focus on Technology (Google Classroom) because this is the biggest hurdle for first time online teachers.

I will teach you how to launch your very first Google Classroom by running through the basic setup needed to get your class going. If I skipped some features, it is because they are not yet needed since our objective is simply to launch a class online. Don't worry, we will have future courses to discuss the other features of Google Classroom.

All you need to have in this course is a laptop, an internet connection and the commitment to learn.

Are you ready to rock?!

This course is taught in Taglish (Tagalog-English).