Welcome Message from EduRescue

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for choosing this course, “Use Your Brain: Managing Emotions (Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, etc) for Teachers” by Carelle Mangaliag-Herrera from the EduRescue Master Class Series. 

We handpicked the best instructors from various industries to develop a Master Class Series under the EduRescue School for Teachers to provide a multifaceted approach in our mission to empower the teachers. 

Carelle’s course on managing emotions is so relevant because the most important thing we have to manage is not our career, nor our employees - it is our emotions. In a rescue situation, self-rescue comes first because you cannot save anyone if you cannot save yourself.

The EduRescue School for Teachers aims to rescue the frontliners of education from modern day challenges. As educators, we all have to look out for each other because we have a social responsibility to preserve the education of our students.

COVID19 has severely disrupted our country’s education system and our failure to adapt may cause an education crisis. Hence, we use the term “To Rescue”, because the gravity and urgency of our mission as teachers require immediate and definite action to save education in our country.

This course is our emergency first response to you, as teachers, and we hope it provides you the power to continue your mission effectively in the new normal.  Enjoy the course. 

Stay safe always,

Jed Santos

Founder, EduRescue